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A Student’S Guide to Acing College Pdf Book

Are you nervous about the rigors of college academics? Does graduating from college seem like an impossible dream? If so, A Students Guide to Acing College is for you!

This motivational and insightful guide walks you step-by-step along...

A Professor’s Guide to Success in College Pdf Book


College is a completely new and sometimes overwhelming experience for most incoming first-year students. As with anything in life that is new, it helps to know what to expect. If you were traveling to Europe for the first time,...

Texas College Guide Pdf Book


All over the world, The University of Texas at Austin is synonymous with academic excellence. However, many aspiring longhorns do not understand how to prepare themselves to compete in the application process to UT Austin. Texas College Guide: The...

Practical Guide to College Admission Pdf Book


Much material is available on the internet and in print regarding college research, admission, and matriculation. The PRACTICAL GUIDE TO COLLEGE ADMISSION, however, is the sole tool that brings all of the pieces together and arranges them in a...

College Hockey Guide Women’s Edition Pdf Book


College Hockey Guide is the ultimate reference for hockey players, parents, counselors, educational consultants, coaches and administrators as they investigate scholarship and non-scholarship college hockey opportunities. With this valuable resource discover when and where coaches regularly scout and recruit,...

The Latino Student’s Guide to College Success Pdf Book


The Latino community is the fastest growing minority group in America, and quickly becoming a major player in America's workforce. Unfortunately, Latinos encounter cultural and societal obstacles that can hinder academic achievement. This inspirational guide gives Latino students practical...

Survival Guide for College Managers and Leaders Pdf Book


"A Survival Guide for College Managers and Leaders is a distillation of the key skills and attitudes that you will need to possess if you are to survive and indeed thrive in such a situation. It highlights examples of...

The Secret Daydream for College Students Pdf Book


The Secret Daydream for College Students (The Guide for Surviving Conflict) is a book that teaches college age students how to live their daydreams and get through the obstacles that can sometimes get in the way. It is a...

The College Dorm Survival Guide Pdf Book


The Ultimate Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Dorm

Dorm life offers you a great chance to meet new people and try new things. But leaving the comforts of home for the first time to enter the roommate-having, small-room-sharing,...

The Adult Learner’s Companion: A Guide for the Adult College Student Pdf Book


Adult learners face unique challenges--work, family, and the numerous responsibilities and obligations that they must juggle while pursuing a degree. With limited time and financial resources, adult learners need to know where and how to get help quickly and...

A Lesbigay Guide to Selecting the Best-Fit College or University and Enjoying the College Years Pdf Book


"My brother wrote this book based on his own experiences and the experiences of hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students he counseled, talked to, and interviewed over the course of his 40-year teaching career.

The confusion he...

The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students Pdf Book


Based on student demand, the Advocate magazine and publisher Alyson Books have partnered to produce The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students. With advice from campus officials and LGBT college students -- the experts themselves - this easy to...

Servicemember’s Guide to a College Degree Pdf Book


  • The complete guide on how to obtain a college degree while in the service
  • Loads of tips on how to be academically successful

This one guide contains the four military services's civilian education programs-how the system works,...

The Thinking Student’s Guide to College Pdf Book


Each fall, thousands of eager freshmen descend on college and university campuses expecting the best education imaginable: inspiring classes taught by top-ranked professors, academic advisors who will guide them to a prestigious job or graduate school, and an environment...

Barron’s guide to the most competitive colleges Pdf Book


High-achieving high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors will find this directory especially enlightening and useful. It presents up-to-date discussions that describe more than 50 of the most academically demanding colleges across America, with information on admission requirements,...