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A Parents’ Guide to Special Education in New York City and the Metropolitan Area Pdf Book


Parents are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the special education placement process in New York City and its surrounding areas. This guidebook provides the information parents need to advocate for their child successfully and to choose a suitable...

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Grade School Years Pdf Book


Prepares moms for the time when their school-aged kids take their first few steps into the world and away from mama's nest.

Sending a child off to school is a whole lot more than stocking up on school supplies and...

Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments Pdf Book


The importance of creating safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students in the school environment cannot be overstated. It is one of the most prominent issues facing school professionals today, and its success has lasting,...

The Quick Reference Guide to Educational Innovations Pdf Book


In their struggle to identify successful solutions for their schools, teachers, administrators, board members, and parents must wade through reams of educational rhetoric and sales hype. This resource is designed to serve a broad audience of practicing teachers, preservice...

Why Kids Struggle in School Pdf Book


The Guidance Manual for the Christian Home School Pdf Book


THE GUIDANCE MANUAL FOR THE CHRISTIAN HOME SCHOOL helps Christian homeschool parents gather all the information a high school guidance counselor usually supplies: information on colleges, careers, the military, standardized testing, and future planning. These resources would be most...

ADD and the College Student Pdf Book


A guide for students with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It offers advice on choosing a college, identifying schools with the best services for ADD students, coping with changes in lifestyle, and more. This edition is revised and updated.

Multi – Girl – Culture Pdf Book


In this highly readable book, Linda Duits investigates girl culture in the Dutch multicultural society. Her ethnographic account provides a thick description of life at school, still the most prominent setting foor todays youth. She followed young girls of...

Guide to Reference Books for School Media Centers Pdf Book


This updated edition is a comprehensive guide to current reference materials for school media centres. The 54 subject categories include recommended reference resources in all curricular areas and for many extracurricular interests.

Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping Pdf Book


For several years, Harvard's design graduates concentrated their studies on the phenomenon of shopping as a primary mode of urban life. As Sze Tsung Leong writes, ""Not only is shopping melting into everything, but everything is melting into shopping.""...

Principals Matter Pdf Book


′Addresses specific populations that are often alienated by schools: fathers, parents of children with disabilities, and families of poverty. It provides a good overview of key research on the topic of family involvement in schools, its impact, and practices...

Supporting Language and Communication Pdf Book


'This is a readable book that has a lot of content at a level that teaches the reader about Language and Communication while at the same time guiding him/her to develop professionally by providing frequent activities....It is a very...

Creating the Effective Primary School Pdf Book


A key role for primary school leaders is to develop strategies for promoting and ensuring high quality learning. This practical and accessible handbook has been written by an experienced primary leader, and will offer anyone seeking guidance on creating...

Helping Your Child Succeed in School Pdf Book


In addition to offering encouragement for parents to become involved and practical tips for providing academic help, this book also tells how to improve the overall parent-child relationship, explains the seven types of intelligence, and offers ways to nurture...

The Art of the Law School Transfer Pdf Book


"The Art of the Law School Transfer," by Andrew B. Carrabis and Seth D. Haimovitch, is the kind of book you don't realize you need until it's too late. To get straight to the point, if you're either (i)...