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The Meltdown of the Nuclear Family. A Guide for Responsible Parenting. Pdf Book


We have been taught that parenting is a challenge. We have been taught that it is not for everyone. Are these beliefs based on an innate reality, or are they based on a belief derived from self-loathing? Is this...

The Long-awaited Stork Pdf Book


Parenting After Infertility

Parents who have wondered about the long term impact of infertility on their self image will find the answers in this insightful book.
--Lois Melina, author of Raising Adopted Children and Making Sense of Adoption


Connective Parenting Pdf Book


Non Violent Resistance (NVR) is a broad based concept presenting an approach to parenting suitable for all families. It supports the creation of deep connective bonds between parent and child. It is equally applicable to families whatever their circumstances...

Conscious Parenting Pdf Book


Conscious Parenting is a great resource for parents seeking advice on optimal vegan nutrition and the importance of unplugging and having quiet time in nature for today's children. Anchored by extensive research on the importance of diet and environment...

10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family Pdf Book


This honest and enlightening book from one Christian parent to another is filled with encouragement and time-tested techniques for anyone who wants to ensure the health and happiness of their own family. Jim Burns will be the first to...

A Parent’s Guide to Primary School Pdf Book


A well-written, compelling, meticulously researched resource for parents everywhere.

A wonderfully comprehensive guide for parents providing advice on every aspect of their child's education; from choosing a suitable school, to communicating with teachers, through to dealing with the trauma...

StepWise Pdf Book


Any parent who has helped to raise stepchildren knows that it may very well be the single greatest challenge of getting remarried. It's hard to know exactly how to handle the uncomfortable, unpredictable, and sometimes seemingly unmanageable situations that...

The Non-Musician’s Guide to Parenting a Piano Player Pdf Book


"The Non-Musician's Guide to Parenting a Piano Player is quite superb and full of important information that needs to be known by all parents" David Dubal American pianist, author, lecturer, broadcaster and teacher at The Julliard School, New York....

Soul to Soul Parenting Pdf Book


A guidebook for parents who want to infuse greater spiritual awareness into everyday life. SOUL TO SOUL PARENTING gives you the tools to lead an authentic, conscious, divinely inspired life so that you can provide the same for your...

The Grieving Child Pdf Book


Making a Child's World Whole Again

Explaining death to a child is one of the most difficult tasks a parent or other relative can face. The Grieving Child offers practical, compassionate advice for helping a child cope with...

Pardon My Parenting Pdf Book


Formerly a warmly funny columnist for Australian Women's Weekly, Pat McDermott combined new material with a selection of her most loved columns to give a wealth of parent friendly advice and tips.

Instant parent Pdf Book


The Don’t Freak Out Guide to Parenting Kids with Asperger’s Pdf Book


Don't Freak Out... You are not alone!

You are half way through grocery shopping and can tell that your Aspie is about to melt down. You know you should just 86 the whole thing but you really need milk,...

Practitioner’s Guide to Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children Pdf Book


Emotional regulation has to do with a person’s efforts to take charge of one’s emotions. A child’s access to different emotions, a child’s ability to modulate or elevate the intensity of emotion that is being experienced, the length of...

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Asperger’s Syndrome Pdf Book


The clinical diagnosis of Asperger's can be intimidating for parents. Often the focus is on their child's "disabilities" rather than his "abilities," and parents may be left wondering what they should expect as their child journeys through life. This...